Create Access, Visio and Project Appstack

Clone a new image from the base template.
Uninstall Anti-virus, UEM agent, app volume agent, and View agent.
Restart the machine.
Install the App Volume agent.
Take a snapshot without the memory.
Start the provisioning on the new provisioning machine.

Follow the below steps to install Visio:
* On the command prompt as an admin, navigate to the Visio setup folder having setup.exe:
* Run the command setup.exe /admin
* You will now see Microsoft Office Customization Tool, Choose to Create a new Setup customization file for the following product, verify that the correct product is selected. Click on OK.
* Select Install location and organization name, in the text box provide the Organization Name.
* Click on Licensing and user interface, choose the option Use KMS client key if you have KMS server in your organization for activating office 2013 suite, else choose to Enter another product key and enter the office 2013 key. Click on I accept the terms in the license agreement. Select the Display level as Basic, check the box for Suppress modal, and No cancel.
* Select Modify user settings, Microsoft Office 2013, Privacy, Trust Center. Double click the setting Disable Opt-in Wizard on the first run and set the status as Enabled.
* Now click on File -> Save As -> save the customization file ( Custom.msp) inside Updates folder. Close the OCT tool.
* Use the below command to install Visio:
setup.exe /adminfile C:\Project\visio\x64\updates\custom.msp 

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